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What is Chlorine Direct?
Chlorine Direct is a full-service chemical supplier for swimming pools. We provide a chemical feeder system that dispenses the right amount of chlorine and muriatic acid to keep your pool in top condition. Our goal is to make pool maintenance easier and more affordable for homeowners.
How does the chemical feeder work?
The chemical feeder is connected to your pool and automatically dispenses chlorine and muriatic acid based on your pool's needs. The feeder can be configured to pump a set amount of chemicals per day, or it can be set to auto-adjust based on pool size and weather conditions.
What chemicals do you offer?
In addition to chlorine and muriatic acid, we also offer baking soda (Alkalinity Up), soda ash (pH Up), calcium chloride, cyanuric acid, and powdered shock. These chemicals come in one-time use containers and are sold in various sizes.
How much does the chemical feeder cost?
The chemical feeder is free with your first chemical purchase. There is a $75 setup fee to cover the installation of the system. This fee covers the cost of installing the feeder, which will stay in your pool as long as you continue to purchase chemicals from us.
Do I own the chemical feeder or am I leasing it?
The chemical feeder is not for purchase, but it is available for lease as long as you continue to purchase chemicals from us.
How do I order chemicals from Chlorine Direct?
You can order chemicals from Chlorine Direct by visiting our website or by contacting us directly. Our website is easy to use and provides all the information you need to make an informed purchase.
What is the delivery process like?
Once you place an order, we will deliver the chemicals directly to your pool. Our delivery process is fast and efficient, and we guarantee that your chemicals will arrive on time.
Are there any cancellation fees or contracts?
There are no cancellation fees or contracts with Chlorine Direct. You can stop using our service at any time without penalty.
How does Chlorine Direct compare to other chemical suppliers?
Chlorine Direct offers lower prices than other chemical suppliers and provides a convenient and automated chemical feeder system. With Chlorine Direct, you can enjoy a crystal-clear pool without having to worry about the hassle and expense of manual chemical dispensing.

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